Mindful Matters Series

This series explores the different matters that young readers should be mindful of. For one in general is creating a positive mindset.

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I AM: Positive Affirmations for Boys 

Do you want to increase confidence in your young boys and promote strong self-esteem?

“We become what we believe.”

The words we utter can affect our lives. Teach your child that all his words hold power and meaning. You may notice your child exhibit negative self-talk, like "I can't do it," or "Nobody loves me."

By repeating power words to himself such as, "I am handsome. I am smart. I'm loved. I'm brave," your child will change his mind about himself and he will gain confidence.

This book will help your child proclaim I am statements and believe he is handsome, smart, loved, special, peaceful, and brave.

This story is full of charming rhymes which will convey positive thoughts to young boys.

“I AM-Mindful Affirmations for Boys” is suitable for boys of all ages.

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I AM: Positive Affirmations for Girls 

Do you want to increase confidence in your young girls and promote strong self-esteem?

“What we believe, we become.”

Every girl should know there is power in her words. What we say, we believe. This book gives you the opportunity to teach your daughter to say beautiful things to and about herself, every day.

Often, little girls say, "I'm not pretty," or "No one likes me." These statements can be changed using a simple method. By repeating I am statements, your child will gain confidence and a different understanding of their personality. She will believe she is beautiful, intelligent, kind, loved, and special. She will become the Queen who lives within her.

This story, full of powerful rhymes and colorful illustrations, will convey positive thoughts to your child.

“I AM-Mindful Affirmations for Girls” is suitable for girls of all ages.