• Kelly Grace

Reading Tips for Early Readers

Updated: May 6, 2020

Always look for opportunities to read aloud with your child. Read books, signs, posters, magazines, billboards, etc. Practice daily. Below are some fun ways to engage and build confidence in your early reader. Not everyone is the same. See what works for your child.

1. Always have reading material. Bring along books, magazines, eBooks, etc. Use any chance to practice.

2. Ask questions about the story. Ask questions about the words your child reads. Get them engaged and using their imagination.

3. Exercise patience. Learning to read is not easy. When your child is having difficulties, help them through the sounds.

4. Take turns reading. Take turns reading aloud. Children can learn from seeing the words read aloud by another.

5. Repetition. Once is not enough. Encourage your child to read and re-read their favorite books. When engaged with the material they enjoy, learning is much easier.

6. Make reading fun. How can you make reading fun? Look for ways to make reading more exciting for your child.

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